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Jan 30, 2013 4:00pm EST
today shows the private economy can grow in that kind of environment, just like all over the world. lower spending, good for the economy. >> you're right. bob, you recently wrote a piece suggesting allowing rates to rise without tightening monetary policy. how does that work? >> well, i'm not sure it would work. at the december minutes of the last fomc meeting or the next to the last one now, seemed to treat interest rate policy and quantitative easing separately, and the implication was we'd have lower interest rates for a lot longer than we would have continued quantitative easing. i just think the economy would be healthier if they would do the reverse of that and allow interest rates to tick up a little bit, allocate capital a little more effectively, but using quantitative easing, not let the money supply shrink. keep it growing slowly. >> do you think we are going to see a spike in rates? markets will push rates higher at some point? when would you expect rates to start moving up, bob? >> oh, well, when the economy starts showing a lot more health than it is now, and if infla
Jan 31, 2013 4:00pm EST
? the fed has created this environment where there are not that many alternatives, to you know, multi-nationals that pay dividends. >> that's 100% true, so when you look at it, you have 3% dividend payers versus a 2% ten-year, especially in a market that's going up. seems like had a no-brainer. people will look to put their money there, and i think institutions are starting to look as well as retailers, starting to look at that trade and putting their money to work in the equity market. >> so, let me ask you this, shawn, because we're looking at really a fundamental change happening across wall street. we know that investment banks are slinking. compensation is down, and yet you're expanding, building up your investment bank. what do you see that perhaps others don't? >> well, there's a structural change in how the finances services landscape is going to appear over the next five to ten years so larger institutions clearly having to deal with regulatory issues, cost of capital has gone up. from our perspective we're getting in and taking advantage of that and building out our franchis
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2